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Reilly's Teachers

Reilly's Teachers

Kindergarten & TK
Jeanie Arthur Teacher
Polly Gryske Teacher
Tina Slick Teacher
First Grade
Melissa Corum Teacher
Jennifer Peterson Teacher
Second Grade
Jennifer Lyson Teacher
Taylor Seipp Teacher
Third Grade
Roxane Blake Teacher
James Jacobs Teacher
Christine Martin Teacher
Fourth Grade
Roxane Blake Teacher
Sarah Collins Teacher
Karen French Teacher
Fifth Grade
Sarah Collins Teacher
Maureen Cordina Teacher / ETAP
Lori George Teacher

Teacher Websites

If your teacher's name is underlined and highlighted in blue in the main grade level section, he or she has a website with important information about your class.  Just click on your teacher's name to see it.  Not all the teachers have websites yet.

Contact Info

Need to contact your child's teacher?  Just click the email links tab above to go to that section.

Music Team
Michelle Brunton Block Music Teacher
Chad Cunningham Teacher
School Counselor
Cristina Nalbach School Counselor
Special Education Team
Alyssa Adams Ed Specialist / STARS
Joan Allen Ed Specialist / ETAP / STARS
Laura Gutjahr Ed Specialist / Learning Lab
Lindsay Hewitt Ed Specialist / STARS
Shelly McLennan Ed Specialist / Learning Lab
Wendy Park Ed Specialist / STARS